Hi! I'm Nicole, founder of the Juliet and Jack site, as well as "co-creator" of these two kids.

Originally, the idea for Juliet + Jack grew out of an on-going series of lunchbox doodles I began when Jack was in kindergarten. Over the course of five years, those doodles grew to become a way to document Jack's current interests, record life events in our family, practice daily creativity, and play with ideas for other creative projects.

Originally I imagined this site as a literacy and art resource and a portfolio of my kid-inspired work. Then I found myself suddenly homeschooling as of August 2018 and this brand new site sat ignored for over a year. Finally it dawned on me that I should turn this site over to the kids. Let them decide what to share, what with it being named after them and all. So we’ll see what they decide to do with it. Juliet is now almost five and Jack’s almost twelve. There’s a lot of interests and a wide age range they can cover between them.

In addition, I’ll keep my little corner here, where I'll still share the books our family loves, resources for parents and educators, plus art projects and other activities we’ve tried. Click here to sign up for our newsletter with blog updates, links, and new stuff from Juliet + Jack.

Thanks for visiting and I hope we see you again and again! -Nicole